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Naturally Innovative

Nature-inspired products and services to help you feel good, look good and work well.

Helping people enjoy life:

That is our drive, that's what we do - 

creating nature-inspired products through innovative thinking.

Offering consulting and services to provide professional performance.

Together with our partners, we combine the best gifts from nature with new technology to help you look good, feel good, and work well.

Our unique collection of innovative and natural products, services and solutions has given us the opportunity to be active in many fields. From “well-being” products and natural skincare to consulting and training. We are helping people around the world– in North America, Latin America, the UK and Europe. Our business activities include three divisions:



The best skin care products on the market are handmade in Tyrol, Austria, using the most powerful medicinal wildflowers and herbs growing in the Austrian Alps of Europe. All of the main ingredients are exclusively sourced from the alpine meadows. The herbs and flowers are handpicked and wildcrafted by authentic small farmers from Austria. The production process is as pure as possible, mostly done by hand. Craftmanship and knowledge have been passed on from generation to generation.

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The power of informed light

The Vitalizer - Beosigner® and BeoKeys use informed light to help stimulate the powers of self-healing, which in turn can help with gaining more energy, being more positive and just feeling great!

The Beosigner® is based on a unique technology that transmits effective information into your cells. These information patterns have emerged through years of empirical research. The information is transported with the help of coherent light beams. What happens then? 

The Beosigner® helps to strengthen, activate, or to regulate – depending on what the body needs at that moment. It understands the language of the cell, so to speak. This applies not only to humans, but to all biological systems, including animals and plants. 

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Together at the Top
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At KuWe International, we understand that change is not always easy, but is necessary. Why? Because the world we live in is changing daily. New generations bring new ideas. New technology presents new possibilities. New rules and regulations require new ways of working. From the start, we’ve been helping companies of all sizes respond to industry transitions in order to stay competitive and profitable. Our years of experience have taught us to always make your business success our priority.


We have built our experience globally. With a background of many years of international: OEM, wholesale and retail success, we founded this division to serve and help other organizations and individuals - to motivate and train them how to stay successful in an ever-changing industry.

Committed to Excellence

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Naturally Innovative

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